Special Event

The Canadian Screen Award-winning film Brotherhood will light up the screen at the historic
Palace Theatre in Daysland on June 20 and 22 at 7:30pm
Both screenings will be presented by Vancouver-based writer / director Richard Bell and will
feature audience Q&As.
Based on a true story, a group of young teenage boys attending camp in the Kawartha Lakes in1926 are sent hurtling into a fight for survival when their canoe capsizes during a freak storm. It
is up to the two adult leaders – one incapacitated by the Great War and the other haunted by the
loss of his son to the Spanish Flu – to try and save the boys.
“We are delighted with the opportunity of having the director of this important Canadian movie
with us in our theatre, making this an even more enjoyable experience for our rural audience,”
says Sharon Eshpeter of the Daysland and District Cultural Arts Society (DaysArts). Founded in
1999, DaysArts is a non-profit society and is entirely volunteer run — from concession workers
to projectionists. Through their Reel Alternatives program, the society screens indie, documentaries, foreign and Canadian films to loyal audiences.
The Palace Theatre is a single screen theatre that was opened in 1952 with Walt Disney’s Snow
White and the Seven Dwarfs

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