Concert Series 2022/2023

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Past Seasons


Amy Bishop
Prisoner of Tehran
Sarah Hagan
Martin Kerr
Diyet and the Love Soldiers

2019 – 2020                                                                                  Winter Matinee Concert Series  

Terry Barber                                                                             The Silver Screen Scoundrels
Across The Pond, The British Invasion                                Jazz Affair – Wishes
Tim Tamishiro                                                                           Ken Stead       Cancelled
Lizzy Hoyt – New Lady on the Prairie
Accidental Humour Co. The Flying Detective
Diyet and The Love Soldiers       Cancelled

2018 – 2019                                                                        Winter Matinee Concert Series  

Johnny Summers Little Big Band                                  Gateway Chorus
Ghostboy                                                                            Over The Moon
Matthew Byrne                                                                 The Wardens
Gunning & Cormier
Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar
Miss Caledonia

2017 – 2018
Port Cities
Best Little Newfoundland Christmas Pageant……Ever
Blake Reid and The Black Dirt Orchestra
Christopher Hall and The Comic Quartet
Krystal Dos Santos and The Black Mambas

2016 – 2017
The Derina Harvey Band
Scott Cook
Jim Byrnes
Lisa Brokop
Everything Fitz

2015 – 2016
Christine Tassan
John Wort Hannam
Steve Pineo’s Elvis Show
6 Guitars with Chase Padgett
The Carolines
David Myles

2014 – 2015
Connie Kaldor
Bridget Ryan’s ‘Here’s to the Ladies Who Laugh’
The Travelling Mabels
Jim Witter’s ‘Feelin Groovy’
Tomas Kubinek – Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible
The Bills
Family Concerts
MCT – Hansel + Gretel
Will Stroet and the Backyard Band

2013 – 2014
Gordie Mackeeman & His Rhythm Boys
Like Father, Like Son? Sorry
Hotel California
When That I Was
University of Alberta Symphony Orchestra
Family Concerts:
Fred Penner
Wizard of Oz

2012 – 2013
Jake’s Gift with The Darling Dive opening
Irish Rovers
Garth Prince
Lennie Gallant
Motus ‘O’ Dance – Circus Terrifico
Jesse Peters Trio
Family Concerts:
Missoula Children’s Theatre – Jack and the Beanstalk

2011 – 2012
Letter from Wingfield Farm
Al Simmons
April Verch
Woody Holler and His Orchestra
Family concerts:
Fables – Sun Ergos
Missoula Children’s Theatre – The Pied Piper

2010 – 2011
Michelle Wright
Paul Rumbolt
The Shirleys
Jeff Straker
Pioneer Years
The Polyjesters
Family concerts:
Missoula Children’s Theatre – King Arthur’s Quest

2009 – 2010
Brett Kissell
Rhyme Rustler
Jack Semple
The Arrogant Worms
Family concerts:
Missoula Children’s Theatre – Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

2008 – 2009
Lorne Elliot
Babette’s Feast (Augustana)
Bottom Line Duo
John Wort Hannam
Ten Lost Years
Family concerts:
Missoula Children’s Theatre – Robin Hood

2007 – 2008
Dust Poets
Brad Johner
Patricia O’Callaghan
Connie Kaldor
Visions Country Gospel
Family concerts:
Val Hilliker
Youth singers of Calgary

2006 – 2007
Glamour Puss
Rodeo Riders
Tillers Folley
Carlene Friesen
The Classics
Family concerts:
Everything Fitz
Tomas Kubinek

2005 – 2006
Todd Butler
Samantha Robichaud
Foothills Brass
Lewis & Royal
Family concerts:
Red Thunder
Beauty & the Beast (Daysland School Drama Company)

2004 – 2005
Bowser & Blue
Leslie Alexander
Crystal Plamondon
Murray McLauchan
Family concerts:
Maritime Marionettes
Flyin’ Bob
Special Centennial Concert – Maria Dunn

2003 – 2004
Felix Possack
The Swiss Men’s Choir
The Cruzero’s

2002 – 2003
John Gracie
The Nomads
The Rawling Brothers
The Bill Hilly Band
Louis David Riel

2001 – 2002
Michael Kaeshammer
Sheep River Rounders
Paul Hann
Peters Drury Trio
Lorne Elliot

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